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Toulouse Goose Eggs - For Crafting

Order now for delivery when available.

Large white goose eggs, perfect for Ukrainian dyed eggs. Crafting eggs are kept refrigerated and sold fresh but are not intended for eating. When shipped, the eggs cannot be guaranteed to have been kept at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, as required by the USDA. These eggs can also be delivered to your home or office, weekday mornings or evenings, or to areas near the Ithaca Commons during the day by appointment only. Pick up at the farm can be arranged but an appointment must be made.

Our geese are our mowing machines all summer long. Keeping the lawn trimmed and fertilized with a very eco friendly, low carbon footprint. In the winter they are fed grain and housed in the barn but, when the temperature and weather permit, they have access to pasture via a goosey door.

If you come to the farm to pick up your eggs and the geese are on the loose do not fear. They are noisy but not nasty. If you are considering picking an egg for yourself directly from their nest fear should be yours, they will defend their nest! Pictured here is my friend Browney. On a warm summer day, if you sit very still, perhaps by the fireplace eating saltines, s/he will come over and sit in your lap. But, you must sit very still for a long time.

Eggs are available on a first come first served basis and only when the girls decide to lay. Please call or e-mail the farm to check availability.

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