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Fresh Natural Grow Angelica Root 100 Capsules

It is rumored in legend to have been revealed to humans by an angel in a dream as a cure for the bubonic plague.

It is highly revered in Chinese traditional medicine as second only to Ginseng and is commonly known as the "female ginseng."

Applications: Menstrual/Internal/Blood/Colds

Known primarily as a female treatment, Angelica has many other uses aside from aiding in the relief of menstrual difficulties. The stems and leaves are also used as a flavor ingredient in liqueur.

Menstrual: Given to women suffering extreme pain or bleeding during their period. Corrects hot flashes during menopause.

Colds: Used as a remedy for colds, coughs, colic, fevers, and as an expectorant. It is known as a warming agent.

Blood Treatment: Considered an effective aid in building the blood. Given to people in accidents to help the blood clot and prevent an even more dire loss of blood. As a warming agent, it helps increase circulation in the system.

Internal: Helps treat high blood pressure and assists in relieving edema. Also helpful to treat psoriasis and arthritis. When boiled and infused, it can aid in the digestive tract preventing flatulence and indigestion.

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