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Fresh Natural Grown Barberry Powder 1 oz.

Applications: Internal/Laxative

Internal: Effective in treating liver functions because it helps the flow of bile. Also effective in treating gallbladder ailments. Known to reduce enlarged spleens.

Laxative: Assists in cleansing the system and promoting mild laxative effects on weak or debilitated patients. Also works as a mucosa and improves digestion in general.

Description: Barberry is native to Europe and the British Isles (and later grown in North America). This common thorny garden bush grows in gravel-based soil and sprouts clusters of yellow flowers from April to June. Bright red berries become ripe in August.

The Barberry root is yellowish with stems growing up to 8 feet that turn from a reddish hue to a grayish color when mature. Barberry is harvested in spring or fall and the berries are collected in the fall. The leaves are green and leathery in texture.


Powder: Take 1/4 teaspoon powdered bark several times a day.

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