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Fresh Natural Grown Chaste Berry100 caps

Background: Vitex made its debut in literature during the Iliad by Homer. It was used there to ward off evil and to symbolize chastity. Use of vitex was once thought to decrease libido, hence the nickname chaste berry. Monks often used vitex in order to fight their sexual desires. In modern times, research has shown that vitex does have an affect on the body's hormones. However, its use extends far beyond controlling sexual feelings. It can be used to treat menstrual problems, breast feeding, and even infertility.

Applications:Hormone regulator/Stimulates breast milk production/Progestogenic

Vitex is primarily used to treat hormonal imbalances.

Breast milk: Vitex can be used to improve the production of breast milk.

Menstrual: Vitex can be used to treat PMS, irregular periods, and the symptoms of menses such as bloating, irritability, and depression.

Balance: Vitex can be used to balance hormones in the female body.

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