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Honey Bee Swarm Lure / Bait for Trap or Hive

Blend of pheromones that attract the swarm of honey bees and entices the scout bees to declare the swarm trap a suitable new home. For best results, use 2 vials per trap or hive.

Note: On picture are 6 vials, you will get ___( PLEASE CHOOSE ) ___ ( 1 VIAL =1 ML ) of the orientation blend pheromones sometimes called the "Come Hither" pheromones.

*Capture swarms from your own hives thus reducing loss of honey bees. Add to your hive count and honey yield by capturing stray swarms from other hives in the area. This is a strong pheromone lure to attract a swarm of honey bees. The swarm lure combines over five natural chemical components plus natural substances found within the hive. Try our swarm attractant yourself and see just how effective they really are.

The pheromone attractant comes sealed in a 1 ML vial. These lures have been used by many beekeepers who have successfully caught swarms of honey bees and these are the swarm lures we use ourselves.

-The lures will not encourage swarms to be issued from beehives. -Swarm lures will not "collect" worker bees and create a colony. -Lures will not guarantee a swarm will be captured. -Lures just give you an advantage that the swarm will consider your trap. -The swarm lures are designed (Information will be e-mailed ) to last all season. Unused lures can be stored (* NOT in the freezer) for 36 month without losing their effectiveness. Store in garage or home.

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