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Rendered Duck Fat - 15 oz. Jar

Pure rendered duck fat is all the rage among accomplished chefs. Its delicate flavor is essential for French Confit preparations and superb for reheating our Roasted Peking Duck. A world class favorite is fried potatoes cooked in duck fat. Net weight is 15 ounces.

Our Rendered Duck Fat has a Water Activity Level below 0.85, meaning that there is not enough moisture to support the growth of bacteria, yeasts, and mold. You can store duck fat at room temperature, but refrigeration is recommended.

Gascony Butter: Mix duck fat with blanched pounded garlic. This is known as gascony butter and is used to flavor soups cassoulet and can be spread on croutons.

Saute Potatoes: Steam potatoes in their jackets, cool, peel, and slice. Fry in a pan in duck fat until golden brown. Season with a little salt and freshly ground pepper. A great accompaniment to confit of duck.

Roast Vegetables Simply lightly brush on to a selection of prepared root vegetables roast till golden and serve with traditional roast duck or other roast meats, poultry or game.

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