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Fertile Hatching Chicken Eggs - 1 Dozen

You are buying 1 dozen fertilized brown chicken eggs from our Mixed Breed Standard flock. These mixed breeds include Buff Orpington, Rhode Island Reds, Silver-Penciled Wyandotte, Dominique, Black Australorps. These breeds are steady brown egg layers as well as being nice size meat birds. These breeds are good natured and are great breeds for those who are first time poultry raisers or for those who wish to expand their flock to produce eggs and meat.

Your eggs will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail and will be insured. The eggs will be collected the same day, carefully packed and shipped out. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we can not guarantee your hatching percentage. We do guarantee that the eggs are fertile at the time that they are collected and shipped out. The fertile eggs that you are buying are from same flock that we hatch our own chickens from every season. We have had great hatching rates this season.

On our small farm we have been raising and hatching poultry since 1994. We enjoying raising our birds. We just love raising and producing poultry and spend many peaceful hours each day tending to our birds.

Our birds are healthy and are fed a diet with no GMO or antibiotics.  They receive vegetables daily.

We also raise pure rare breed chickens. This fall we will offer fertile hatching eggs of French Black Copper Marans, English blood line Blue-Black-Splash & Lavender Orpington, French Salmon Faverolles and Swedish Flower Hens.

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