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Family Farm Basket Share

Along with each basket we will also include a weekly newsletter that will describe what is in each basket, recipes, specials, and highlight what's happening on the farm and what will be coming in subsequent baskets through the growing season.

We choose to grow only certified organic heirloom seeds at Hope Valley Farm. By growing only certified organic heirloom seeds we ensure the quality of our crops and that they will continue to reproduce year after year.

We believe the taste, production, and nutritional content of their varieties are vastly superior to the store-bought engineered varieties. These are the fruits and veggies your great grandma used to grow.

Here at Hope Valley Farm we compost all of our fruit and vegetable scraps, eggshells, coffee grounds, garden clippings, fallen leaves, and animal manures. What we compost is turned into something useful instead of being trucked off to the dump where it produces methane (the most damaging of the greenhouse gases), further harming the atmosphere as it decomposes. There is no trucking away and no heavy machinery necessary to deal with the waste -- when we compost, the only tools we need are a strong shovel, a wheel barrow, and (maybe) a strong back.

We show how we care by how we share. At Hope Valley Farm we care for our soil by giving back the nutrients and minerals it needs to produce again next year. We give back to our community by giving our resources, education and experience.

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