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Canned Beef in Natural Juices

Locally-raised beef that's hormone-free. NO additives added to the can, no MSG, not even water is added, just a pinch of salt for flavoring.

MUST READ! Why Some of Our Cans Are "Clickers"

Small cans of meats (particularly beef, which is a stiffer meat and more difficult to pack in the smaller can) may have "clickable ends" of the can. You can press the end of the can in and hear a "click".

This is due to air pockets in the can, NOT due to spoilage or botulism! Because the cannery doesn't add WATER to the can, which other companies add to fill air spaces (and which lowers the quality of their products), these air pockets expand when the cans are in warmer air, causing the cans to be "clickable."

If you have any canned product in which the ends are bulged and cannot be "clicked" in, then you have a product that is spoiled and must not be eaten. This is NOT what's happening with our "clickers"!

These meats are cooked IN THE SEALED CAN and ANY harmful bacteria is killed during this cooking. In 11 years of canning meats, NO ONE has been harmed by our USDA Inspected cannery (which also carries liability insurance).

If you don't believe this, or can't accept it, please DON'T order the 14.5 oz canned beef, ground beef or pork.

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