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Nitrite-Free Pepperoni Slices

This pepperoni is a mix of our 100% grass-fed & finished Heritage Galloway Beef, and well as our Soy-Free Pasture Raised Pork.

Our cows have year-round access to pasture. We use no herbicides, pesticides, hormones, antibiotics, or synthetic nitrogen fertilizers, and we provide soil fertility through grazing management, seeding different grass varieties, and soil-enrichment using live compost manure. Our cows graze 3 different elevation zones throughout the year, from high slopes in early spring, to moderate slopes in winter and fall, to wet-lowgrounds in summer and fall. This allows us to finish cows year-round.

We use our pigs to turn barn compost for the first part of their life. When they are 2-3 months old, we put them out onto pasture so they can eat fresh grass and exercise. In addition to grazing on pasture grass, our pigs are fed raw milk, organic produce seconds like nuts, pears, apples, and grain (oats, triticale, and cracked corn). We attempt to source all of our grain inputs locally. This means buying directly from local grain farmers and mixing our own rations. We raise Hampshire-Duroc crosses and also Red Wattles. Hogs are also used in rotation with grain crops and used to till the soil and break-sod for subsequent grain-seed planting.

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