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Blood Cleansing Herbal Blend

Don't buy awful tasting teas made with herbs that someone has not researched enough! Your teas don't have to taste awful to get the toxins and metabolic end products such as uric acid out of your body!

My herbs are wonderful tasting, as you see in my reviews and they get to the problem in a safe way so that you can get on the road to feeling good and staying that way with my herb blends!

Start with 2 cups of tea a day for 5 days; then after that, drink one cup of tea every other day for one month. Then drink one cup of tea twice a week for Blood Cleansing maintenance.

Each tea bag will make one cup of tea. Therefore, you will need a total of 22 tea bags to begin with. After the first month, you will only need 8 tea bags per month.

By doing this , you will not only clean up your blood from toxins, but, you will be able to maintain it and thus prevent further problems.

nettle, dandelion, mints, red clover, caraway seed, chamomile

Herbs are strong! Don't take more than what you need to do the job!

Do you think that my herbs teas are expensive? Stop and consider the price of what prescriptions cost and the side effects that go along with them. When we take herbs, we may have to take them quite a bit longer . However, even though the herbs work a little slower, they do work and generally, once they've done their work, you're symptoms are gone as well as the illness. That can't be said for prescription medication.

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