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Goat Manure Tea

Goat Manure Tea & Soil Conditioner!

Eco-friendly, all natural soil conditioner and fertilizer.

At Greer Family Farm our goats are pets rather than just livestock. The goats are free foraging, naturally raised with no antibiotics, pesticides or hormones. They produce rich milk and fabulous fertilizer!

Goat manure is dry, light, and easy to use as a soil condition, foliar spray or indoor/outdoor plant fertilizer. We gather the fresh pellets, dry them in the sun, and package each order by hand. Our goal is to provide you with a natural and high quality product that is both beneficial and earth friendly.

To Use as Tea: Soak one tea bag in large jug or bucket of water for 2 - 7 days. Once seeped, removed the tea bag and toss the contents in your compost pile or better yet, save it to till in to the soil in the fall.

Dilute 1 cup concentrated tea to 4 or 5 parts fresh water (it should be a pale or weak looking tea once diluted). Apply with a sprayer, pour between rows or use in the watering can for patio and houseplants.

To Use Directly in Soil: In the Fall, after harvesting this year's crops, distribute pellets evenly over the surface of the soil. Till or work the pellets in to the soil where they will decompose and provide both nutrients and water retention benefits for next years plantings!

Available in 3 x 5, 5 x 7 tea bags or 1 pound bags for direct soil application.

You can't GROW wrong using Greer Family Farm's natural, organic manure tea

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