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Lupus Relief Herb Tea

Lupus is an autoimmune disease

The immune system's primary function is to fight off bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, toxins, and blood or tissue belonging to other humans or species. These intruders are called antigens and white blood cells go into attack mode to protect the body from anything they consider to be intruders by producing antibodies. However, sometimes white blood cells mistakenly view the body's healthy organs, cells, or tissue as an invader and will attack its own body tissue just as they would any antigen. The immune system is unable to distinguish between antigens and the body's own healthy tissue. This results in the destruction of healthy body tissue caused by an autoimmune disease

There are some herbs such as yarrow, willow bark, feverfew, green tea, burdock root, nettle, and red clover that can help with this condition and alleviate pain. They help by purifying and cleaning the blood and reducing joint and muscle inflammation. Some herbs act as a diuretic helping the kidneys remove waste from the body . Some help to strengthen the immune system and fight viruses

If you are having autoimmune issues try my LUPUS RELIEF HERB TEA twice a day. Instructions are included.

One tea bag per day.

You would want to try this tea for at least two weeks before you notice a difference because it sometimes takes herbs a few days to get to the problem.

This tea is sold as two week supply and one month supply.

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