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Colds, Flu and Fever Herb Tea

Relieves stomach cramps, diarrhea, fever, nausea, vomiting, chills, abdominal pain. Relieves headache coughs, nasal decongestant. This is antibacterial, antibiotic, anti inflammatory, calmative, expectorant, mucilant and stimulatant.

Ginger, licorice, thyme, rose hips, peppermint, capsicum, fenugreek seed

As a preventative take 1 cup of tea every other day.

At the onset of flu, cold or fever take 1 cup of tea in the morning upon awakening; one cup of tea around noon ; one in the afternoon (around 4 or 5 pm) and the last cup just before going to bed for the night. This should really help to "knock it out fast!"

1 teabag is sufficient for the two cups of tea.

Sold as:

Onset teabags are sold as one week supply; i.e 2 teabags per day x 7 days = 14 teabags needed for a week.

Preventative 4 tb (take 1 cup of tea every other day.)

Do you think that my herbs teas are expensive? Stop and consider the price of what prescriptions cost and the side effects that go along with them.

When we take herbs, we may have to take them quite a bit longer. However, even though the herbs work a little slower, they do work and generally, once they've done their work, you're symptoms are gone as well as the illness.

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