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Gallon (12 lbs.) Bottle of Honey

Big Valley Wildflower Honey
San Joaquin Valley produces a cornucopia of wonderful foods to grace our tables. Our bees pollinate the crops and gather nectar from valley wildflowers. We thank our bees for the receipe that makes this honey so bee-licious.

California Wildflower Honey
From outside of the San Francisco Bay Area (East of the Sierra), this is a very mild honey. It has an Alfalfa-Wildflower influence, crystallizes creamy, is great for tea and cooking applications where strong flavor is not desired.

Marin Mix
A blend of wildflower honeys from favorite Marin zip codes in this special county just north of the Golden Gate.

San Francisco Bay Area Blend
A hearty, robust Wildflower Honey. Used by many of the finest chefs in the S.F. Bay Area, this honey is great for everything from tea to BBQ sauces.

Solano County Wildflower Honey
This honey is usually light and delicate. Mild honey-lovers enjoy this local honey for many uses from toast to eating it right out of the jar.

Wild West Wildflower Honey
Dark, caramelized, molasses-like, use this honey on toast, to cook and bake with, and best of all for that BBQ sauce you'll be cooking up.

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