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Fresh Stinging Nettles

Nettle has a wondrous healing history of uses. We harvest these nettles in 4" to 10" lengths to be used in cooking, making tinctures, juicing, or infusing.

We pack it in containing 4 individual 1/2# bags. It is unwashed and can be steamed as is or washed with gloves on and then steamed. Once it is steamed, it looses the sting. It can be simple eaten as a green or used in spinach recipes. We use it steamed with other spring greens like kale and spnach .

You can read about the many benifits of nettle to help with chronic health problems in "Healing Wise" by Susan Weed, or "Health through God's Pharmacy" by Maria Treben . You can also make a plant food and compost activator with it. There are excellent recipes in these books.

Fresh nettle will keep a few weeks in the refrigerater stored in plastic bags but should be eaten right way after cooking.You can also dry it for teas and use it in cooking or to use to make your own tincture . Nettle tea is a great natural plant fertilizer.It is also helpful in the compost pile .. We also feed the dried nettle to our baby chicks . It is critical that you are home to recieve delivery . At this time, it is only offered in April, the best time to utilize the plants benefits .I ship it priority mail/ insured express . .

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