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Colloidal Silver

One of the best natural antibiotics on the holistic health market, it serves for almost any ailment known to man, beast or plant.

Taken in proper dosages and in on/off periods for prevention and in higher dosages for current illness, this healing tincture is almost a cure all.

Colloidal Silver was used and proven to be effective against hundreds of disease-causing bacterium by the 1940s. Its action as a broad spectrum antibiotic has never been matched by the modern pharmaceuticals in that it produces no drug resistance whatsoever.

Can be used long term and will help with most reoccuring ailments or illness on hand - highly recommened by natural health practicioners for varying health concerns.

Can be given to children, elderly adults, pets; may also be applied topically to even the most sensitive of areas, including the eyes. You can also apply this to the leaves, roots and soil of diseased plants that suffer from parasites such as mold, amphids, white flies and other organisms.

Kills bacteria in matter of minutes and will aid in infection prevention. Will kill 99.9% of bacterias and fungus including Candida and will lessen the irritation of such viruses as Herpes.

Colloidal Silver highly increases heal time and does not sting or burn when applied topically. It is completely safe to administer anywhere on the body and will not interact with conventional medications, herbs or dietary supplements. It can be taken orally or added to any food or beverage, including soda.

This product is manufactured and stored properly for optimum use unlike store brands. I formulate the Colloidal Silver myself and it contains about 20 ppm. Does not cause Arygia.

My best selling product especially by those who suffer from chronic or reoccuring conditions. It will aid the body all around and will help to build a strong and conditioned immune system.

Some ailments this is used to treat include but are not limited to: sinusitis, urinary tract infections, vaginal yeast infection, thrush, Candida Yeast Overgrowth, common colds, flu virus, airborne bacterias and fungi, cuts, lacerations, eye infections, "pink eye", styes, liver disorders, Hepatitis, kidney disorders, digestion concerns, low immune system levels, Herpes type I & II, upper respiratory concerns, allergies and asthma. Also used to cleans cuts and wounds and is as effective as peroxide.

Works excellent with pet's that suffer from yeast allergies and be applied directly to ears if necessary. ** I will be happy to send you more information on this product, please email me directly. Information is accompanied with order.

Ingredients: Distilled water, approximately 20 ppm Silver ions

I am a Certified Natural Health Consultant & Herbalist. I am a good standing member of the American Herbalist Guild and Flower Essence Society. I am also a member of the Keyport Business Alliance and National Home Gardening Club.

I have studied and used herbs for over 14 years and began at a young age with the help of my Grandmother. Herbalism is a tradition in my family and I respect the healing herbs offer.

Disclaimer: Statements contained herein have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat and cure or prevent disease.

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