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Khalal Fresh Dates (Crunchy)

Khalal dates are still crunchy, like an apple. They then further ripen into the soft (rutab) stage, and then later to the drier, chewy stage we offer in 2/lb boxes. We offer a Mariana (bright yellow) available in August and September; and a Black Sphinx (a deep magenta) and Barhis (yellow), in September and October. The flavor can be on the tart side, pucker your mouth like a persimmon, unless picked very close to ripening, when it becomes a unique and special sweetness. Most will continue to ripen into the softer stage, a melt-in-your mouth, honey-like sweetness. We ship within hours of picking, a 5-lb. bunch you can hang in your kitchen,porch, or sukkah, to pluck at and eat, direct from the palm... Certified organic , produced by members of the United Farm Workers.

Marianas, our first dates to ripen each summer, are a locally (California) developed variety, quite sweet in the khalal stage, maturing into a buttery sweet flavor in the rutab stage. first pick 8/4/2014, first market, 8/17

Black Sphinx has a dramatic deep magenta color as it ripens, darkening to an almost purple/black in the rutab (soft) stage. It is our least sweet date in the khalal stage, with a jicima-like crunchy texture, sweetest in its darkest colors, a unique addition to salad, est. first pick, 9/2/14)

Barhi dates are originally from the Iran/Iraq area and are nicknamed "honey balls" for the round shape and liquid honey-like texture and flavor in the rutab stage. First pick, est. 9/10/2014

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