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Vidalia Onion BBQ Sauce

This is a 12oz bottle of Vidalia Onion BBQ Sauce. It just makes everything taste better! Add this to any meat dish you can imagine and it will be a crowd pleaser! If you like the taste of Vidalia Onions, you will love this sauce!

Vidalia® onions are sweet onions grown exclusively in a 20-county region in Georgia, but loved all over the world! Their mild sweet taste brings a unique flavor to any dish!

The Vidalia Onion Story takes root in Toombs County, Georgia over 60 years ago when a farmer by the name of Mose Coleman discovered, in the late spring of 1931, the onions he had planted were not hot, as he expected. They were sweet! It was a struggle to sell the onions at first, but Mose persevered and managed to sell them for $3.50 per 50-pound bag, which in those days was a big price. Other farmers, who through the Depression years had not been able to get a fair price for their produce, thought Coleman had found a gold mine. They began to follow suit, and soon after, their farms were also producing the sweet, mild onion. In the 1940's, the State of Georgia built a Farmer's Market in Vidalia, and because the small town was at the juncture of some of South Georgia's most widely traveled highways, the market had a thriving tourist business. Word began to spread about "those Vidalia onions". Consumers then gave the onions their famous name. Reorders were made, and "Vidalia Onions" began appearing on the shelves of Piggly Wiggly and A & P grocery stores.

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