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Barhi Dates

Barhi dates are sometimes called "honey balls" because of their round shape and melt-in-your-mouth texture and flavor. They originally were grown in the Basra area of Mesopotamia (now Iraq) and Khoramshah area of Persia (now Iran). We sell most of our crop in the Khalal stage, yellow and crunchy like an apple, starting in September. See our offering of Khalal stage, if you prefer them this way. We sell then still on the strands, or in 5-lb. bunches

Many folks like to eat them at that stage, or let them begin to ripen into the rutab (soft) stage, half crunchy, half like honey. The completely soft (rutab) fruit is too soft to ship.

At the end of the season (October) we harvest the remaining crop, which has by then ripened into rutab and tamar, firm enough to ship, some chewy, with that unique sweet flavor. Direct from the palm, no processing or preservatives, no sprays or fumigation, but we do recommend refrigeration after you receive them. Very limited Tamar harvest, 10/7/2013

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