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Dried Whole Leaf basil

Basil is an important plant at Boulder Belt Eco-Farm. We grow a lot of basil every year to sell fresh and dried at our farm store. And we use a lot ourselves to flavor all sort of dishes. The Genovese is great for spaghetti and pizza sauce. the Thai is wonderful in Curries and many other Asian dishes.

While fresh basil is the best kind for most cooking (if you make pesto you can only use fresh basil), sooner or later the summer ends and so does the basil harvest and we must return to using dried basil in place of fresh in most things. Years ago when we were just starting out, we would dry basil for our own use. We discovered how to dry the herb so as to leave the strongest flavor behind. We also learned the less one processes the basil the better it is. Grinding the leaves releases the essential oils and flavor is quickly lost. We hand harvest the heirloom Genovese and Thai basils and gently dry it. It is than hand cleaned and packed. Our basil is stored in a freezer for optimal freshness and flavor. Unlike most commercially available dried herbs, ours are not irradiated.

We grow our basil in the most sustainable way possible. This means we use no toxic sprays or fertilizers on our crops. We grow our crops in healthy lively soils which means our basil is purer and tastes better than most.

We grow our herbs and spices for discerning cooks because that's what we are (yes, foodies!). Discerning cooks know that great tasting ingredients make incredible tasting meals.

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