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Clover Pastured- Grass Fed-Chicken

The BEST tasting chicken at the St.Paul Farmers Market! Thats what our customers tell us every year.

I grew up raising chickens and milking cows on my parents' farm in south central MN. I learned from my mom how to care for baby chicks and raise a healthy chicken. so, I have been raising chickens for over 58 years. I think I do a good job at it too!

So, it's a family tradition to raise chickens outdoors where they have free roam to eat the bugs, grass and grit-- whatever their bodies tell them that they need for a healthy diet.

I let the chicks go outside once the weather gets warm enough and then I put them back in their house at night, to be protected from natural preditors. This is very time consuming, but worth all the TLC I give them!

Our chickens are raised in small batches three times a year. We could raise more, but the meat quality and special attention they need would not be there. We grind our own feed from NON GMO corn that we raise ourselves on our family farm. NO antibiotics or hormones are ever used. No Soy in the feed also. Our chickens are as humainly processed as possible. Cleaned perfectly and carefully as to not bruse their skin. Shrink wrapped and flash frozen to lock in freshness at it's peak!

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