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Fresh, Free Range Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are a wonderful alternative to those with allergies to chicken eggs. Please consult your physician as to the possibility that this option may work for you!

Here on the farm, I raise a variety of heritage breeds...Khaki Campbells, Welsh Harlequins, Blue & Black Swedish, Indian Runners and Crested Ducks. The Khaki Campbells and Welsh Harlequins are such good layers, that their rates of lay are comparable to some of the better breeds of chickens. The eggs are usually larger, and much richer, working well for baking. (Add a tablespoon of water per egg, and your goodies will be lighter and richer.)

The girls free range for at least two hours every day. They enjoy a healthy diet of bugs, grubs, the vegetables in my garden (if I don't watch them), the occasional bowl of dog food, and different cracked grains. They're a pretty healthy lot.

Your eggs will vary in size and color. I do have ducks that lay green/blue eggs, and the occasional gray/black egg. Don't panic.....colored eggs are a normal breed characteristic for certain ducks. Some of them are quite large, particularly later in the season.

I ship all eggs via Priority mail, so they will be fresh to you in two to three days. Sorry for the high cost of shipping, but it's worth it for fresh eggs.

My flock is inspected anually by the Dept of Agriculture. I am a proud participant in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, number 43-437.

Eat healthy!!

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