Specialty Produce

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Jerusalem Artichokes...
From: $29.95
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Custom Gardens Organic Produce Farm and CSA

Cactus Nopalitos Nop...
From: $17.95
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Rancho Charanda Citrus Ranch

Dried Bolete (Porcin...
From: $14.25
Valley View Ranch - Healing Land

Dried Morel Mushroom...
From: $49.99
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Northwest Wild Foods

Edible Organic Cactu...
From: $31.99
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Rivenrock Gardens

Fresh Organic Oyster...
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Northwest Wild Foods

Hardneck Garlic - mi...
From: $10.00
Moonstruck Farm

Hass Avocados and G...
From: $21.50
McManigle Grove

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Brown Family Farm

Sunchokes (Jerusalem...
From: $12.99
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Veggie Soup Mix
From: $15.00
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OtterBee's Farm & Fungi

Crowder Peas - Fresh...
Local Pickup Only
Luckett Farms