Wool and Other Fibers

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Cotswold Wool Locks,...
Quaker Farm and Living Arts Centre

Cotswold Wool Spinni...
Tranquil Morning Farm

Cream Colored, Natur...
Rocky Knoll Acres

Handpainted purple p...
Bloomingdale Farm Angoras

Icelandic Moorit Bro...
Cherry Creek Farm

Icelandic Wool Rovin...
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Cricket Manor Wool

Jacob Sheep / Angora...
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Terravita Farms

Jacob Sheep Yarn, bu...
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Terravita Farms

Leicester Longwool -...
Cultivale Farm

Leicester Longwool D...
Dodson's Promised Land Farm

Lincoln Sheep Roving
Rocky Knoll Acres

MERINO Wool Yarn
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Fleecewood Farm