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Storys Game Birds, LLC is family-owned and operated by Wayne and Sharon Story because of their love for the Northern Bobwhite Quail.

Storys Game Birds, LLC currently provides day-old chicks, started and adult Bobwhite Quail, Chukar, as well as Ringneck Pheasant. We have what you need to reintroduce the quail and pheasant to your farm, train your bird dogs, or raise for meat.

Wayne and Sharon Story reside in Sussex County, Virginia on their farm with their daughter, Jessie Anne. We specialize in raising gamebirds, namely the Northern Bobwhite Quail, Chukar, and the Ringneck Pheasant.

Listing last updated on Jun 22, 2011

Storys Game Birds, LLC is a family owned and operated business with high expectations when it comes to the future of game bird hunting. Our native wild quail are slowly dwindling and measures should be taken to establish new coveys in appropriate areas. That takes birds which have been weathered and raised with very little human contact. Our quail make very good candidates for restocking because of their hardiness and wild behavior.

Schedule and Location:

We attend many of the poultry swaps from Powhatan to Gloucester, to Suffolk. Check with us to see where we will be and when. Better yet - call and visit our farm.

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