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At Stuart Farm, our goal is to provide a happy and natural environment for our animals. Whether it is the cows, chickens, geese, or bees, we do all we can to make sure they are happy and have the life they were meant to have. Our Belted Galloways and American Milking Devons are grass fed, rotating through 4 pastures, with no hormones, antibiotics, or grain. Our poultry are given room to roam and feast on grass, insects, and all the good things they love out in the pastures. We supplememt our layers with flax seed we grow on the farm. No pesticides are used on our hives and we allow patches of wildflowers to grow instead of mowing. All of our animals are treated with respect, kindness, and love. We take our time with our chores to observe the health of our animals, ensure their safety, give out pets, scratches, and treats, and to be amused by their never-ending antics.

We are a dealer for Fertrell animal supplements, soil amendments, and insect/disease control, including organic products. We also sell organic chicken feed, dairy, beef, goat, and sheep rations, and rabbit pellets. Please visit our website for prices.

We are currently sold out of chicken. Please contact us to get on the waiting list for Fall butchering. We are selling whole or cut-up 4-5 lb birds for fresh on the farm pick-up. Whole birds are $3.99/lb. Boneless breasts $8.99/lb, tenders $8.99/lb, leg/thighs $6.99/lb, wings $3.49/lb.

Our laying flock consists of heritage breed Black Astrolorps, Silver Dorkings, and Speckled Sussex chickens. They roam the farm during the day and are in a protective electric netting at night with our Great Pyrenees watching over them. Eggs are $2.50/dozen.

We are sold out of honey until the Fall. Please contact us to get on the waiting list. We do not cook, filter, or process it in any way. We have 1 pint jars for $8 each. We collect our honey after the fall aster and goldenrod finish blooming to give it a richer taste and darker color.

We are currently sold out of grass fed beef. Please go to our website for updates.

Please call, email, or go to our website for more information.


Listing last updated on Jan 13, 2015

Fertrell animal nutrition and soil amendments. Organic feeds. Chicken, eggs, beef, pork, honey, rabbit.

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