Suburban Chicken - Pasture Raised Eggs

Lemon Grove, California
Family Farm

Suburban Chicken - Pasture Raised Eggs

Farm Fresh, Pastured Raised, Vegetarian Fed, Free Range, Organic Hand gathered twice a day from: Cuckoo Marans, Golden Marans, Wheaten Marans, Domique, Buff Orpington, Black Australorp, Barred Plymouth Rock, Delaware. Most of these are heritage breeds listed on the American Conservancy List. All shades of brown eggs from latte to dark chocolate brown. They are happy & healthy (never medicated) as they are able to peck, scratch, fly, roam, roost and have variety to eat: grasses, herbs, seeds, veggies, and supplemented vegetarian feed offered.

If you would like to purchase eggs, please contact us first to reserve your dozen as we sell out fast!

Thank you for supporting local sustainable agriculture.


Located in Lemon Grove, CA 91945

Listing last updated on Jun 17, 2010

Our Happy Chickens!

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The eggs from Suburban Chicken are not only local, humane and delicious - they are from chickens whose names are on the carton!

Until I tried eggs from Ethel, Lucy, Squeezle, et.... [more]

As a former vegan, a foodie, and a complete health nut, I knew that the healthiest eggs would come from healthy, happy chickens. I tried "pasture raised" eggs from my local farmers market and found them to be a complete disappointment (the eggs looked and tasted like eggs from the grocery store).... [more]


I usually don't write reviews, but I HAD to for Suburban Chicken after tasting their wondering pasture raised eggs. The eggs are delicious.... [more]

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