Sugarcane White or Purple

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Sugarcane White or Purple

Organically grown white & purple sugarcane. A perfect winter treat. Enjoy by chewing the sweet nectar or use in Latin recipes!

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Rancho Charanda's fresh sugarcane is delicious freshly cut from the field. Peel and chew on its fabulous sweet fibers. When chewed on, sugar cane releases a naturally sweet juice and is a delightful snack. Cut away the outer covering and chew on the stalk until all the juice is gone. Peel and slice to make swizzle sticks to use in your tropical mixed drinks, Cuban Mojitos or in iced or hot drinks. We have in season the white (green peel) and the purple (purple peel). FREE recipe guide included in every order. Note: Sugarcane pulp should not be swallowed.

All fruits & vegetables are naturally grown using organic fertilizing techniques, rain water from the mountains and old fashioned farm labor. All produce is NON GMO.

"From our family's farm... to your family's table"