Sugar Maple tree seeds

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Sugar Maple tree seeds

Sugar Maples are a beautiful fall foliage tree, and if you have the energy, can be tapped for maple syrup!

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(Acer saccharum)

Two ancient sugar maples stand sentry at either side of our front gate. These stately trees provide gorgeous sheltering foliage, turning brilliant reds and yellows in the fall.

We've never had the energy to gather 40 gallons of sap from them and boil it down to one gallon of syrup, but some of our friends run a sugar camp nearby each winter, and bring amazing maple syrup to our farmers market!

These trees do not often produce seeds, but have done so this year, so we are finally able to offer them to our tree-planting public!

Our garden seeds, yarns, and nuts make perfect gifts in synergy with our shared goals of environmental protection, sustainability, and food security.

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