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Sullbar Farm is a 65 acre farm located in southern New Hampshire. We house a variety of animals from horses to hogs - heritage breeds as well as hardy-breed laying hens, rare breed dogs and more.

One of our goals here at the farm is to help in some small way in the preservation of rare and endangered American breeds that can adapt to life here in the northeast. We would also like to share our ever-growing knowledge of the animals that sustained the people of our country prior to agri-business. We have a rich agricultural heritage in the U.S., as many breeds brought to America in the 17th & 18th centuries successfully adapted and subsequently evolved in regional climates and with the vegetation available.

Rare are the folks that have the ability to manage a farm full time, unless the farm was part of their family's history. As with most small-scale backyard growers, we work off the farm but start and end our days surrounded by our animals and nature. It is good for the soul.

Another reason for working so hard 7 days a week is that we are genuinely concerned about the quality of commerically grown food, especially meats. Agri-business has created a chemically-filled, fast growing (by any means possible) "product" that lives a tortured life, undeserving of any living creature. Consumers are becoming aware en masse of what they are ingesting and are making the healthful decision to do something differently.

We chose to raise the American Guinea Hogs at Sullbar Farm out of a desire to do our part in preserving what was an integral part of our country's farm history. Also, a breed such as the endangered American Guinea Hog could be of critical importance in the swine industry if parasite and disease resistance suffers in other varieties, especially commercially raised hogs. In many areas, genetic diversity should be maintained to help meet the potential challenge resulting from changes in production resources and market requirements.

We are proud to own foundation breeding stock of American Guinea Hogs. At present, there are very few known Guinea Hogs in the U.S. Guinea Hogs are easily raised on any size farm. Our mission is to continue to promote them in New England and the Northeast and to educate people new to livestock farming, as well as existing small-scale farmers, that they can home grow their meats in an environmentally friendly and humane way in as natural a setting as can be attained all the way from piglets to pork chops.

Guinea Hogs are an extremely rare breed that are noted for their manageable size, docile nature and their ability to produce outstanding meat grazing a variety of pasture, forage and mast. The American Guinea Hog functions as a rototiller and composter and can also help clear scrub brush in wooded areas. They are a productive way to utilize otherwise non-productive areas of any property.


Listing last updated on Aug 3, 2009

We can raise the hogs for your family. Be assured you will be getting pasture raised, humanely treated and good-for-you pork!

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