Sumas Mountain Farms

Sumas Mountain Farms is the only producer of 100% certified-organic, lifetime grass-fed & finished beef in the Lower Mainland of BC. We also offer chicken, eggs, pork and alpaca fibre.

Our animals are raised on 100% certified-organic pastures in the heart of the Central Fraser Valley, Abbotsford.

Our beef is dry-aged, and available in small or large quantities, by the cut or by the side, take-your-pick. Certification is through FVOPA.

We also offer specialty products such as pepperoni, jerky, salami, sausage, farmer sausage, and more.

We provide delivery in the Lower Mainland (based on minimum order sizes), or you can pick-up directly from our farm.

We are a family-owned farm, and our caring approach to the animals and the land has led to the creation of beef products that are truly healthy. Our cattle are never confined, and they have vast mountain-top pasture-lands to graze. Our chickens have it just as good!

Because our beef is 100% grass-fed & finished, the quality of the meat is exceptional, and the flavor is unsurpassed. Plus, it is more nutrient-dense and packed with healthful Omega-3's than conventional beef, which is healthier for you, your family, and the planet.


Listing last updated on Feb 22, 2012

Whole Chickens Chicken Breasts (Boneless) Chicken Thighs Chicken Drums Chicken Wings Organic Eggs Tenderloin Steak Prime-Rib Steak New York Striploin Tbone Steak Sirloin Steak Sirloin Tip Prime-Rib Roast Cross-Rib Roast Round Roast (Baron-of-Beef) Lean Ground Beef Burgers (4 per pkg) Stewing Beef Stir-Fry Beef Sausages (100% beef) (sold in packages of 5) Salami (100% beef) Farmer Sausage (100% beef; ready-to-eat) Smokies - Medium (100% beef) - 4 smokies and more...

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