Summer Feast CSA: 20 lbs for 20 weeks

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Summer Feast CSA: 20 lbs for 20 weeks

20 weeks of organic, farm fresh produce. We bring a wonderful variety of fruits and veggies, right to your doorstep each week!!!

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Our farm fresh Summer Feast : You will get a 20 pound box of delicious produce, once a week, for 20 weeks. Your first box will be ready in June.

The produce that goes into the boxes depends on peak ripeness. Our CSA differs from other CSAs in that we actually say EXACTLY how many pounds of produce you are paying for. We also have the widest variety of produce that goes into the boxes. Customers that had once belonged to other CSAs complained about getting so many greens.We do grow three types of kale and a wide variety of lettuces along with sping onions for your salads. Tomatoes and cucumbers are always in your weekly box. Bell peppers [yellow,red,orange,purple,green,brown]and candy onions are also two other items you'll see every week. Cabbage,broccoli,and califlower usually every other week unless you ask for it as a special need. Plenty of sqaush[summer and winter].If there something you would like to have grown specially for you,just ask.I'm really doing this to make people healthy and happy. If you like to can veggies for the winter please email me to find out about the great deals I offer for 1/2 bushel prices on tomatoes,green beans and all the other veggies.If you own a eattery or have a special event,again just email me with your needs. I do have brown eggs and fresh chickens and will soon be posted on the local harvest website.With us,you get a little of all different kinds of delicious produce and a person who cares!

This year our Farm Fresh boxes are PACKED with more green leaf veggies then ever.They are the key to a healthy body and mind.Known as the micro nutrients and what most people don't know is thats what your brain needs to feed it. Delicious and healthy produce! We have a large variety of fruits and vegetables !... tomatoes, peppers, spinach, rutabaga, salsify, summer squash, winter squash, pumpkin, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, collards, eggplant, kale, lettuce, onion, chinese cabbage, beets, carrots, turnip, radish, kolhrabi, fennel, cucumber, arugula, spinach, zucchini, watermelon, melon...a complete listing is found on our website.