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We are a small family farm raising Nubian milk goats. We have milked goats for 35 years for our family of 7 children and recently began selling shares in our goats to other families as our children grew up and left home. We're glad to share the healthy benefits of raw milk we enjoy so much. This year we are hand milking 18 does and we make cheese, yogurt and kefir.

Our sunny pastures are in the Santa Cruz Mountains above Watsonville, overlooking Monterey Bay. We deliver our goat products to our share owners through dropsites in Soquel, Pacific Grove, Willow Glen and from the farm. We give farm tours and welcome all interns and volunteer help with grateful hearts!

Our healthy, affectionate goats seasonally graze pastures, woods and eat lots of organic veggies and barley mash. When our does birth they keep their kids with them until the kids are a couple months old, then we only separate them at night, and milk mornings so the herd is together as naturally as can be. We think our milk is the sweetest because of the goat's contentment!


Listing last updated on Jan 13, 2015

We have goat shares available for the winter season! An abundance of creamy milk is already flowing in and with this year's kids going to new homes, the bounty is increasing! We are swimming in milk and cheese is piling up. Chevre, feta, ricotta and queso blanco are available as well as yogurt and kefir. Please contact us if you would like to ask questions or purchase a goat share!

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This cute little farm had just what I was looking for. Great goats milk from a loving family. Thanks Lynn. :) - Adam

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