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At Sunflower Acres, we grow a variety of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. We practice sustainable gardening, using rain barrels, tiered gardens, mulch, and a compost barrel. We never use chemicals in any of our gardens. The majority of our plantings contain 'useful' flowers and multi-use herbs. Our 9 foot Sunflowers are a great natural privacy fence, feed our birds, and make beautiful flower arrangements. Calendula flowers add a beautiful yellow-orange color to our herb gardens, bees love them, and when infused in the sun with 100% pure Olive Oil, make a soothing natural remedy for dry skin, rashes, face (wrinkles and dry patches), dry cracked heels, elbows, Psoriasis, and take the itch out of Mosquito bites! Calendula petals also make a 100% pure Lip Balm made from our own Calendula Oil and local beeswax, which is great for dry lips, cuticles, and stops the itch from Mosquito bites.

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Calendula Infused Oil made with 100% Pure Olive Oil, makes a soothing natural remedy for skin problems, wrinkles, dry cracked heels, Psoriasis, and stops the itch of Mosquito bites! Calendula Lip Balm Plus, and Vanilla Lovers' Calendula Lip Balm are great for dry chapped lips, cuticles, dry knees, elbows, and heels. All of our products are 100% natural, and free of chemicals or dyes. Use both products externally only. We also make soothing Herbal Bath Teas to pamper yourself!

Calendula Healing Oil, Dry Skin/Wrinkles 4oz
Calendula has been used for thousands of years for its natural healing & antiseptic properties. Use to hydrate dry skin/wrinkles.


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