Raising heirloom varieties is a lot of work. You have to pay close attention. You can't just plant them in the garden and leave them as you do with hybrid varieties. Heirloom plants are very fragile and the fruit and vegetables that they produce are as well.

We start out by purchasing our seeds for a Virginia company that only sells heriloom varieties. Most are Certified Organic.

Those seeds are planted into flats and started in greenhouses. Once they become about four inches tall they are transplanted into compost-filled, recycled pots and placed into another greenhouse until ready to plant.

Next we plant them into the ground that we have been preparing for last several months. We only use a rototiller when we have to. If you use a tiller to much you will destory worms and they will not be able to penatrate the hard pans that the tiller leaves under the soft top layer. We use only natural fertilizers. We do not use natural fertilizers containing chicken litter or Bio-Solids.

All planting is done by hand. Irrigation tubes are laid by plants so we only water the plant roots and not the walkways.

Sunflower Meadow Farm a producer of naturally raised fruits and vegetables

After the plants are in the ground we mulch around the plants and walkways to hold moisture in and keep the sun from beating down and the wind from blowing the soil. The mulch also helps protect the plants. We only use natural grass/crop mulches. This allows us to build the soil for the next year and attracts worms so they will aerate the soil.

The plants are staked and nutured over the next several months so they will produce quality fruits and vegetables.


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Naturally Raised Heirloom fruits and vegetables and growing to customer demands

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