SUNFLOWER Seeds or Heads for Birds or Pets

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SUNFLOWER Seeds or Heads for Birds or Pets

Naturally Grown Dried Sunflower Seed Heads: USE: bird feeders, pet treats, craft decoration. Sunflower seed feed also available.

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- Naturally Grown on Treasured Haven Farm which is completely Non-GMO with No Chemicals and No Commercial Fertilizers

- Naturally Field Dried on the Plants -

SUNFLOWER SEED in a volume of your choice.

SUNFLOWER SEED HEADS contain a range of sizes from 4 to 7+ inches across of dried measurement with about 8 inches of stem attached.

Use as Wild Bird Feeders and Hang with Wire or String from Tree Branch or Feeder. Can also attach multiple together, or simply lay singly in a tray bird feeder. Make sure to place in position that is safe for birds from any possible predator, or the family cat.

When the birds have eaten the sunflower seeds, the empty seed cavities in the head can easily be filled with peanut butter (or also peanut butter dipped in other seed such as millet) and left in place as a natural bird feeder.

Can also be used as a Natural Treat for you pet birds.

BLACK OIL SUNFLOWER SEEDS are perfect for your wild birds as it is the best seed to attract the widest variety to your feeders with a nutritious and energetic food source for the cold days of winter. The black oil seeds have very thin shells that make it easy for virtually all seed loving birds of all sizes to crack open.

Heads will be packaged carefully and additional packing will be used if necessary to limit dislodging of seeds in transit, however some minor loosening of seeds may occur in their postal system journey.

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