Brilliant Sunflowers! Tall Heirloom Varieties

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Brilliant Sunflowers! Tall Heirloom Varieties

Our favorite Tall, Branching, Multi-Colored Heirloom Sunflowers + Russian Mammoths (reach 10' tall w/24" heads) ~ from 75 cents.

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On Vacation until 08/01/15 

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Catnip Farm is on vacation until 08/01/15. Orders will be shipped soon after that date.

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Autumn Beauty multi-colored sunflowers grow 6 feet tall, branch and produce numerous amazing flowers in shades of red, gold, yellow, orange, rust & maroon ~ they're really pretty ~ and great for cutting!

Our multi-branched * Tall Sunflower Mix * includes Autumn Beauty + the other blazing, brilliant multi-colored heirloom sunflowers we love to grow best:

Evening Sun, Gloriosa, Velvet Queen, Discovery & Ring of Fire ~ all extremely colorful, beautiful, and last very well in flower arrangements.

Russian Mammoths are the BIG ones! They grow up to 10' tall and 24" across for us here in Iowa. (Look at the size of the seed head compared to the clothespin, a diameter not uncommon with this variety... we've been growing and selling this special sunflower in our Local Harvest store for many years and it never fails to please.)

Planting & care instructions are included with all seeds.

Tall sunflowers can be planted singly, as a border, or in a circle or square that grows into a "flower fort" for kids! Plant flowering vines to climb them (we have nice, bright Morning Glory vine seeds in our LH store) & you'll have happy birds, butterflies AND children + plenty of seeds to save for next year's garden.

Sunflowers add a lot to any garden, fence-row or field... birds & wildlife love the seeds ~ especially when winter is long and cold.

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1 oz. of our organic cat/pet grass mix = appx. 950 seeds!

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