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As of January 18, 2015 we are busily preparing for another spring growing/harvesting season. The planting and caring process takes place nearly every day. We are not officially selling at the moment since we have little to harvest but we still welcome your interest and curiousity. Connect with us if you have any questions,,,,,want to come for a farm visit,,,,,or want to be placed on a contact list for notification of the start of spring harvest. We hope to hear from you!

The following is more general information about our operation when we are in harvest mode. Please read on..........

We are in our fifth year as a market garden/farm in your area. We are located east of Temple just a few miles south of Rogers. Our goal is to provide our customers with fresh wholesome vegetables as year around as possible with varieties that one may not routinely find in the local grocery stores. You may/will get veggies that you may have never had or thought you did not like. Most have come to enjoy the eating/preparation challenge and have found that "fresh" means a whole new flavor! We do not use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and strive to grow our vegetables as nature would have it,,,,using our own homemade compost and tender loving care.

We sell our vegetables by the box offering $15 and $20 size boxes. Each box will be filled with a mix of veggies that we are currently harvesting. As the growing season advances the box contents change as new vegetables come into (or go out of) harvest giving a true seasonal mix of goodies.

Delivery is made to the Temple/Belton on various days of each week. If you are interested in a box of fresh vegetables connect with us by email to pre-order your box. At this time we will discuss delivery options and which option best fits your schedule. Your vegetables are harvested the day of delivery, usually within only a few hours!

We look forward to adding you and your family to our group of local, fresh food folks. We also encourage you to ask questions and if interested setting up a day and time to come out and visit our farm and see how your vegetables are grown and become part of the process.


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We believe that the fewer steps there are between the sun and your table the better. Buy local.

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