Our farm is in our back yard and at another location nearby on a relatives farm.All of our seeds are non-GMO certified organic, with a few exceptions, theses seeds being given to us by local gardeners and friends who have told me they are all heirloom. We live within a half mile of a the Little Miami River and we have a tributary of that river on our land and very close to our actual plot , so our soil is pretty righteous We grow in ground and in containers,we try to only use use rain water or distilled water in our watering, its a hassle but we believe it goes a long way. We truly believe in living and farming in a sustainable fashion, our friends do as well so we are involved in a local grow-op of sorts. We have sold produce, mostly tomatoes, to friends in family but this season we are hoping to extend our yield and sales to our community.

Listing last updated on May 12, 2009

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