Sunny Meadow Farm

Our cheese is made using all-natural methods. Our farm produces raw milk cheese from grass-fed Jersey Cows. We rotationally graze our cows on 60 acres of pasture with grass and clover.

We practice environmentally friendly biodynamic farming methods. Chemical fertilizers, synthetic hormones or toxic pesticides are never used on our farm. Our Jersey cows are never force-fed to produce more milk than they were designed to produce. This one reason our Sunny Meadow Farm Cheese is so delicious and nutritious.

Listing last updated on Jul 7, 2010

We offer grass-fed raw milk cheese and milk. Products are available at the farm and also through the Honored Prairie Fellowship of Family Farms.

Schedule and Location:

Open Friday & Saturday at the farm from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Schedule and Location:

Our Raw Cheese Products can be purchased through Honored Prairie Buying Clubs

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I just had the best lunch EVER!! A griiled cheese with garden fresh summer tomatoes, Sunny Meadow garden herb cheese on whole grain bread ... to die for!... [more]

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