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Sunrise Farm the Alpacas of Geneva

Our farm specializes in one of a kind carded fiber batts for spinners & felters. I wash, pick, blend & card our alpaca fiber here in our home. i love felting! I can feel the fiber come alive in my hands. No counting stitches. I'm a much more right brain person. My wearable art has sold right off the runway! Also this year we have mill spun alpaca gloves, hats, sox, mittens & the famous ALPACA SOX!

Alpaca different from wool? Who knew? There are 3 ways in which alpaca fiber is different from wool. Alpaca has hollow fibers=better insulation. Wool does not. Alpaca has no scales=no itching. Wool has scales. Alpaca has no lanolin=no allergy. Wool has lanolin. Learn something new everyday!

We are Ron & Sharon Konkoly. A few years ago we decided to downsize and do something different for our retirement. After seeing a tv commercial for alpacas, we sent for information and decided to check out a few farms near us. Since Ohio has the most Alpaca farms in the U.S. we had a lot to choose from! The more we drove out to the country to visit these farms the more we knew this was what we wanted to do. So in 2003 we moved to a 5 acre farm in the country, bought a few alpacas and never looked back. We have had as many as 15 alpacas on our farm. Today December 1, 2011 we have 6.

Our alpacas are all registered and born in the U.S. From Spring to Fall the alpacas have a rich green pasture to feed on, along with some hay and a grain supplement.In the winter months they receive more hay and a little more grain. Our alpacas have won ribbons in the show ring. Others have had their fleece entered in spinoffs and won ribbons that way. All are for sale on our website on Alpaca Nation.

Families, friends and groups are welcomed any time for a visit, simply call first. Spring, Summer and Fall are the best times to visit. I have learned to process our ribbon winning fleeces and am now selling raw fiber or fiber processed into batts for spinning or felting. The batts have been processed from raw fiber sheared from the alpacas on our farm. It has been skirted & washed then carded on a Luet Drum Carder in a smoke free setting. The batts generally weigh about 2 ounces. The batts can be custom made to your specifications. Such as which color and what you would like to have blended with it: silk, wool or sparkle fiber. Felting classes are also available for groups here or at your location. I am also available to teach you personally at our farm or your home or meeting place.

The processed fiber has many uses. I use it to create felted scarves & vessels. Some of the scarves are made completely from alpaca fiber. Some have fiber needle felted to polar fleece. And some are silk with alpaca fiber wet felted onto the fabric. The batts are ready for spinning into yarn or felting. I have had a spinner "test drive" the fiber batts. She said spinning went smoothly. She didn't have any problems with it. The yarn made form our pinto Daffnee has been crocheted into a wonderful shawl. This person said, "It was like working with silk." There is also a simple way to dye the fiber without getting into the whole big dying process. It's done by using Wilton Icing Dye! There's much to learn. Come for a visit and be enchanted! We are pleased to have a sustainable fiber to sell.

Also available...pacapoo. It's selling at the farmers market! And alpaca mulch, which is the "garbage" from the shop vac. We take it out, shake it out & pick it once more. It is stuffed into a gallon plastic bag & sold as mulch. The protien in the fiber decomposes & feeds the plants. The fiber also acts as a mosture retainer. This way nothing goes to waste .

Call for a visit or fiber lesson: 440-415-0431


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October 21. 1pm-5pm $5. at the door.Wearable Art Boutuique at Executive Catereers at Landerhaven. 116 Landerhaven Dr. Mayfield Oh 44124. A fundraiser for the Textile Art Alliance of the Cleveland Art Museum. I along with many others will be selling our hand made wearble art. All of my scarves/purses/pins are a blend of fibers including alpaca/marino /silk. Come out to see and buy some of Ohio's most beaytiful wearable art.

Schedule and Location:

Lake Metro Parks Farm Park
8800 Euclid Chardon Rd.
Kirtland, Ohio 44094

Wednesdays from 3pm. to 6pm.
I'll be selling alpaca fiber batts, fiber mulch & alpaca manure. Along with felted silk scarves. July 15 & 29

Schedule and Location:

We are proud to sell American Made Alpaca Products Our farm welcomes visitors all year round.
Call for more information. 440-415-0431
Our fiber is sent to a co-op in New England & in return we're able to buy American made products to sell on our farm. You can choose between survival sox, over the calf outdoor sox, diabetic sox. Cable knit hats & scarves. Alpaca fiber is different from wool. Alpaca fiber is hollow which provides more insulation. It has no scales, therefore it is not itchy. It has no lanolin which some people are allergic to. My hand made fiber batts are ready for spinning or felting. A great gift!
Come by & see our newest additions. We have a wide selection of alpaca fiber to choose from. It can be purchased raw, washed & carded. I can personally hand dye light colored fiber to your order, You might want to give red fiber to a spinner who would love to spin & knit a red sweater but would never buy herself alpaca fiber. We can talk about FELTED SCARVES. Each one I make is unique. They can be made to your specifications as to color, texture & size. You can even visit the farm to see the alpaca you would like fleece from. Alpaca fiber is a sustanable resourse. We do not kill our animals to get the fiber. And to top it off these items are grown & made in the U.S.A. right here in Ohio!

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