Sunset Meadow Farm

Sunset Meadow Farm is a family owned hobby farm in York Township, Ohio. We have over 27 years experience with Organic and all natural practices. We raise and sell heritage and rare poultry for breeding and exhibition. Our breeding program consists of Silver Laced Wyandotte, Blue Laced Red Wyandotte, White Wyandotte, Salmon Faverolles, Light Sussex, and Silkies.

We raise, show and sell rare Silver Fox rabbits and English Angora rabbits. We sell Honey, Honeycomb and Bee Pollen. Our apairy is all natural, we use no chemicals in our hives. This makes our hand creams and chapsticks fantastik!

We have classes offered on Raising Chickens in the Early Spring. We are part of the Medina County Fall Foilage Tour.

Check out our website for current animals and products for sale.

Listing last updated on Nov 23, 2012

Poultry, Chikens, Turkeys, Silver Fox Rabbits, English Angora Rabbits, Rabbits, Honey, Bee Pollen, ducks, hand cream, eggs

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Medina Farmers Market

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