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Surfside Chickens raises organically-fed, pastured chickens in Watsonville, CA. We harvest respectfully, acknowledging the sacrifice that each chicken makes to become food for our tables. Surfside Chickens have constant access to fresh pasture, and are allowed to "day range" over large areas. Around sunset, the chickens move themselves in open-air pens which keep them safe from nighttime predators.

Surfside Chickens also raises corn-free, soy-free chickens, as well as limited broods of the Ranger chickens developed by the French for their organic label (Label Rouge). No chemicals are used in any part of our operation. Many of our customers who've never tried a pastured chicken before claim that it's the best chicken they've ever tasted. We're pretty sure you'll like it too!

Listing last updated on Feb 12, 2014

Organically-fed pastured chickens, harvested with respect.

Season:  April through October

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

# of Shares:  200

Full Share:  $100/year deposit for 1 chicken at each of 10 harvests. Balance on deposit chickens, and any additional chickens, payable upon pickup.

Work Req?  No

Latest Reviews

We feel so fortunate to have healthy happy chicken on our dinner plates every week. We are grateful everyday we have the chance to support a small local farm who understands the importance of 'real food'.... [more]

Surfside chicken is on our menu at least once a week, and I have never tasted chicken so delicious. I applaud what they are doing for their animals, the land, and for us, the grateful consumers of local, sustainable, healthy and fresh food!

I feel so lucky that Surfside has a stall at the farmers' market closest to my apt. Their product tastes like my parents' and granparents' memories of chicken: rich, firm, succulent (and not from injected liquid). As long as Surfside's around, I'll keep buying.

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