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We live on 2 acres outside of Georgetown, DE. . We moved on to our property in June of 2007 and have been working to improve the soil organically, since it has been farmed chemically for many years. Our methods of growing combine mixtures of organics, biodynamics and biointensive gardening. In addition to growing organic herbs, vegetables for our family, we have been able to rent additional acreage to raise pastured, locally raised grain fed pork. Pork can be ordered by the pound, by the half, or whole. From 25lbs. Up to a whole hog, we charge $4.25 per lb. . Our retail prices start at 4.50 per lb and vary according to the cuts. All of our pigs are processed through a USDA certified facility and can be delivered right to your door...ready to be put in the freezer. We have very happy customers here on the Eastern Shore and believe that natural feed, natural surroundings and humane treatment make for happy pigs and great pork. Next year we plan to add pastured chickens and free-range eggs. Although we are not seeking organic certification, we use feed that is local and fresh, and raise our animals in a healthy, wholesome environment. Check us out and see how we can meet your needs for great, healthy foods here in Delaware!


Listing last updated on Sep 2, 2013

We have added Large English Blacks to our pig herd! Our first crossbred litter out of our new Longfellow boar will soon be 6 weeks old and we will have gilts ready to go to new homes. They are breeding quality and $100.00 a piglet. These are out of a Landrace/Duroc sow ...this is her first litter and she has raised 12 out of a littter of 16! These pigs will be great on pasture and will produce outstanding meat hogs. They are really nice too! Email if interested...

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Monday-Saturday... times flexible, location:-23802 Springfield Rd, Georgetown DE 19947

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I orderd 25 lbs of home grown pork and I'm so pleased with it! It came vaccumed wraped in nice sized portions which included baccon, pork chops, and sausage.... [more]

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