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We have been raising chickens for egg sales since fall 2004 and goats since 2005. Some years we also pasture--raised chickens for meat.

We have a variety of chicken heritage breeds and crossbreeds. We raise them outside most of the year, on pasture. They are inside a moveable electric fence to protect them from predators. They have a moveable coop, and are free to roam every day. How often we move them depends on the season and how many hens are in a particular fence, but usually several times/month. We do not use herbicides or pesticides.

Chickens are omnivores. Producing eggs (or meat) takes protein. Chickens naturally eat insects, worms, and other small animals, along with grains and some grasses. It isn't feasible to raise egg layers on pasture alone, at least not the amount we have. They wouldn't be able to forage enough protein. Also, they wouldn't survive long against the coyotes, foxes, etc. So, we do feed them a balanced diet, locally produced, with no animal by-products, no added hormones or antibiotics.

We raise pastured meat chickens, usually the Freedom ranger type, which we find are tastier and healthier than the Cornish Cross breed. We raise them and sell them live. Call or email to put in an order for this summer.

Our goats are also a variety of breeds. We currently have Nigerian Dwarfs, Tennessee Fainters (myotonics) and registered Nubians. Our does are giving birth in March and April, so if you are looking for adorable goat kids, we might have what you want!


Listing last updated on Feb 25, 2013

Pasture-raised, happy hens! Eggs the way nature intended! Meat Chickens! And awfully cute goats!

As of 02/24/13: We have only 2 goats left for sale! A Nigerian Dwarf x Alpine buck, and a TN. Fainter buck. Goat kids from our Nubians and other does are due in late March.

Our hens are laying like crazy! Brown and green shelled eggs for only $3.50/doz.

Schedule and Location:

My eggs are available on the farm or by local delivery. Email or call for more info.

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