Swallow Valley Farm

Here at Swallow Valley Farm, our goal is to create a farm of the 21st Century, one that answers the challenge of meeting the growing nutritional food needs and sequestering of carbon in the face of climate change, ecological damage and uncertain energy supplies. We are seeking to develop a "prototype system" with plans to use solar energy, wind, geothermal temperature control, mycorrhizal soil amendments, biochar, composting with vermiculture and recycling of water and other materials.

Listing last updated on Apr 19, 2011

Animals are raised completely on pasture. No hormones, antibiotics are used and the land stays healthy by never using artificial fertilizers or synthetic pesticides. We invite you to visit the farm to find out first hand. We raise high quality Katahdin heritage sheep that are know for their exquisite flavor,. Pasture raised lamb is a nutrient rich food, high in Omega-3 Fatty Acids, as well as being hypoallergenic. We also have pastured eggs all year.

Schedule and Location:

Occidental Markets Friday evenings

Schedule and Location:

1100 Valley Ford Freestone Rd

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I visited this farm about 1 year ago while visiting the coast. I had an opportunity to purchase lamb, eggs, and a turkey. More than that though, John and Sandy are the two most wonderful people to know! They are enthusiastic and most generous with their time.... [more]

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