Swarthmore Co-op

The Swarthmore Co-op is a uniquely Swarthmore, PA institution and an anchor of the Swarthmore Town Center. Created by Swarthmore residents in 1937, it is owned by its more than 1,100 members. Anyone can shop at the Co-op, members and nonmembers alike.

Beyond being a grocery store, the Swarthmore Co-op is also a community-minded outreach center. Focusing on local (products within 150 miles from the Co-op), organic and sustainable foods and lifestyles is our goal. Enriching the community with events like the Real Food Festival, the Swarthmore Co-op partners with local farms and foodies to educate on matters relating to Farming, Local Economy, and the Environmental Impacts of food today.

While the Real Food Festival is a large event, the Swarthmore Co-op hosts and promotes sustainable living and local-centric thought every day. Education classes and outreach events are held almost weekly ranging in subjects from teaching how to properly butcher and cook a chicken to learning the basics of what all these food buzzwords (like 'Sustainable' and 'Organic') really mean to all of us to Sustainable Burgers and Fries Nights featuring Local, Grass-Fed Beef and Organic Fries.

With over 600 Organic, 500 Local, 100 Fair Trade, and hundreds of Special Diets Products, the Swarthmore Co-op aims to provide the products we believe in and support our local community and farms.


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Local Produce, Meats, Seafood, and Grocery Products. Organic products in every department. Anyone can Shop. Anyone can Join. Make a fresh discovery.

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I have been a customer at Swathmore Co-op for the past few years. The store is always clean and the staff is great! I would definitely recommend it!

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