We are a small family farm that started with the concern for our own family. We buy only "certified organic" whole grains, which include corn, wheat, oats, & flax. Also supplemented with redmond salt, & kelp. NO soybean used ever. Also raise our own organic hay. No chemicals, antibotics, or hormones used here. Black Copper Marans, Cream legbars and Blue Jersey Giants are the breeds of poultry we raise/ Also have some varied chickens for colored eggs. Chickens free range only on our organic acres, and also enjoy rich raw milk from our 2 Jersey milk cows, full of omegas. Purebred chicks are available preordered.. Large organically grown garden that provides some extra in season farm produce. Open pollinated tomatoes, Virginia sweets are one of our favorites. Also raspberries, strawberries, & blackberries are available by request. Many herbs also. Also raise a very limited amount of organic pastured red wattle pork, and jersey beef when available.

Listing last updated on Jun 11, 2013

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These are the best eggs with lots of yolk color and flavor. The chickens all look so happy and healthy when we toured the farm.

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