Sweet Corn Seed - Texas Honey June

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Sweet Corn Seed - Texas Honey June

Very sweet for an open-polinated sweet corn. Tight husks to keep out the worms, too...

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from: Lazy Ox Farm

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90 days, OP. Heirloom. This corn takes a long time to be ready to eat, but is well worth the wait. Tall stalks produce 2 to 3 ears each. Ears are 6" to 7" long, fat, and have white kernels. The flavor is very sweet for an open-polinated corn. We appreciate the tight husks that keep the ear worm out and its heat tolerance. We grew it last year during our hottest summer on record, and it polinated and produced high quality sweet corn for us even when temperatures were in the upper 90's and over 100 for weeks on end. No other varieties that we were growing produced anything for us. If you are not familiar with open-polinated sweet corn, be aware that you must harvest it quickly and cook almost immediately or the sugars will turn to starch. Seed germinated at 91%.


Lifecycle:1    (0: N/A, 1: annual, 2: perennial, 3: biennial)
Container Planting:no

Cultural Requirements:

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